#1 For 5 TV Stations


TO:  TV Executives, News Directors & Everyone Looking For Excellent Talent
RE:  I’m available, willing to relocate and am one of the most talented broadcast journalists on the market right now.
Call me.  Let’s talk.  I sound better on the phone and am taller in person.  619.247.3775

Everything I’ve needed to know I’ve learned from my real life.

My reporting has taken me around the world and into some of the most notorious ghettos and neighborhoods, including Matare in Nairobi, Kenya and Englewood on Chicago’s South Side where Jennifer Hudson was raised and where her family was murdered.

I hold a BJ, Bachelor of Journalism, degree from The University of Missouri-Columbia Journalism School, aka”Mizzou.”

Everywhere I’ve worked as an Anchor & Reporter, my newscasts have been rated #1 after I’ve had a month or two, maybe three, to do what I do best, from Cedar Rapids to Chicago.

My first home purchase was a condo in Washington, DC, which, of course, stands for Dupont Circle.

The first house I bought was in beautiful Portland, Oregon’s Kenton neighborhood.

Then, Oak Park, Illinois.  I was a docent at The Frank Lloyd Wright Home & Studio.  I rode my bike past it on my way to high school.

My church youth group was held in Wright’s Unity Temple.  I didn’t appreciate its architectural significance at first.  It was the beginning of my love for architecture and modern design).

I had the good fortune of owning other homes and condos in Chicago,”The City of Big Shoulders,’ as Poet Carl Sandburg put it.  What a joy to live and work in the birthplace of Modernism filled with classic Mies van der Rhoe steel and glass towers and townhomes.   I wrote a blog about architecture and won 1st Place from the Associated Press for ”Making It Wright.”  The series looked at Wright’s designs in need of repair primarily because the Architect was ahead of his time.

I’ve won 6 Emmy Awards.

I have learned how to nurture and grow a loyal fan base.  One key is creative use of Social Media sites.

My first Emmy win was for Best Investigative Report from the NATAS Pacific Northwest Chapter for a series called “Stealing From the Poor.” Long story short, people were leaving donations outside trucks for the Goodwill and Salvation Army that were already locked up for the night.

Then, like clockwork, around midnight, the vultures came out to go”shopping.”  We caught it on camera. They yelled and called us names and even egged my brand new SUV.  But it was worth it.  The egg washed off.  Exposing them for a week on TV resulted in changes that saved those charities a lot of money across the nation.

After moving from Chicago to Southern California, I worked for KGTV in San Diego as a Reporter and loved it.

I also owned a vacation rental agency in Palm Springs and decided to focus on my”Plan B.”  At the time, I was concerned about job security in broadcasting.  Now I’m even more concerned about it, but I must return to doing what I am meant to do.  That’s why I closed the business last year.

I invite you to take a closer look.  You’ll discover someone who cares a lot and knows a lot about a lot; a journalist who puts it all together in ways that make people watch, keep coming back, talk about what I’ve done, take action, and can’t be described as boring.  Quite the opposite!

Finally, I bring your attention to my reporting on mental health.  Watch the most important story of my life,  ”A Son of Suicide.”  It’s everything worth knowing about me.

I’m ready for a new, exciting opportunity.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Kevin Marcus Roy


email me


My all-time favorite photograph

My mother, Diane Marcus Roy, and me. 1969. Rhode Island. Photography by my father, Robert A, Roy.

Working to erase the stigma against people with mental illnesses and to stop suicide.

We all have a dog  in this fight.

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