Sunny Days in San Diego

The Skyline of Downtown San Diego, California,...

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Kevin Roy Reporter/Anchor Debuts on TV in San Diego

Day two as a Freelance Reporter for KGTV, the ABC affiliate in San Diego.  Yes, San Diego!

I woke up this morning and the local paper had a story about how San Diego is #2 on the list when Americans are asked if they could live anywhere, where would they choose to live?  Number one was New York City, but it was also tops on the list of places people would choose NOT to live.  San Diego, FYI, didn’t even make THAT list.

And Chicago?  I’m sorry but it didn’t make the top ten of where people would choose to live, but it was near the top of where people would not want to live.

I miss Chicago.  I always will.  Maybe someday I’ll return for good.  But for now, this is turning out to be very good.

To work in San Diego on TV (at a very good station) is a dream come true. And I’m going to leave it at that.  One day at a time, I’m enjoying this new chapter of my life.

If you want to check me out, please go to: to watch my reports.

And here is a link from my very first report last night on the 11pm news.

Armed Robbery At Vista ampm Caught On Tape

3 thoughts on “Sunny Days in San Diego

  1. Kevin,
    I’m very happy for you that you’ve found a great place to begin this next chapter of your career! It was always a pleasure to work w/ you and we all knew of your dedication to the craft of journalism.
    Congrats again,
    Shannon B.

  2. Kevin, We miss you in Chicago on the early weekend show.
    All the best. You, I am sure will do a great job in San Diego.


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