Honoring my mother on an important anniversary

I’m taking more than a moment to pause and remember my very special mother, Diane Marcus Roy, who was lost to suicide exactly 15 years ago today.
I will never stop missing her nor would I ever want to forget how much I love her. Losing her has left a big hole in my heart forever. She was very special to this world.
After just viewing the story again, it strikes me how much I am my mother’s son.  We have many of the same facial features, and yes, personality traits.   Like her, I have moved out west to a desert climate for the time being after my long-running job in Chicago came to an end.  She chose Sedona for its red rocks that she thought were so beautiful.  I’m inPalm Springs for the sunshine that helps to lift my mood.   Some days, I will admit, I have fears about just how similar we really are.  But as a SURVIVOR of suicide (and for those who are not familiar with that term, a survivor of suicide is someone who was close to a person who completed suicide…NOT someone who attempted suicide but lived) I know all too well the ripple effect such a final act has on family members, friends and anyone who cares about that person.  Having survived years of that kind of pain, I simply don’t have it in me to do it.  I suppose I have her to thank in a way for giving me this seeming immunity to it.  And yes, in comments from friends, many clearly have wondered and even out loud:  “Like mother like son?”
The answer is no.  No way.
My fight remains to try to prevent suicide and save lives.  I may not have the same far-reaching platform as I did before to get that message across to an audience in a major market.  But I did what I could in the time I had.
For those of you reading this — especially fellow survivors — I hope you’ll share this post in honor of Diane Marcus Roy with your family and friends on Facebook and other sites.  Not just to honor her, but also in tribute of the special person you lost to this preventable illness called clinical depression.
And I’m in no way done.  Something good is around the corner.  I can feel it.  My mother is watching.  And I hope she is proud.

To my sister, Pamela, my niece Georgia, and nephew, Peter Kevin, who will never get to meet their beautiful grandmother….my dear cousin Sharon, and to my father, you are all in my thoughts today as we remember the glue who held our family together.

Speak out to fight the stigma.

To view “A Son of Suicide,” go to my website:  http://www.KevinRoyReports.com     You’ll find a link to the video on my homepage.  You can also find the link right here.

With love and in memory,

Kevin Roy[YouTube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CWJKRDWwasY]

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I’m taking more than a moment to pause and remember my very special mother, Diane Marcus Roy, who was lost to suicide exactly 15 years ago today.

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