What a DEAL!

Sometimes it’s the little things in life that can perk you right up. For example, the unbelievable deal I just got on my new sunshade for my backyard.
Got it from Design Within Reach, actually the DWR “Annex” in Palm Springs, California today. My friend, Jeffery and I were driving down Palm Canyon Drive and we saw two words rarely associated with that store on a huge banner out front: “Warehouse Sale.” It was like my car suddenly had autopark and was pulling over and parallel parking all on its own. I mean, there was no choice invovled.

To me, DWR is a bit of a misnomer these days, especially being unemployed. Take a look at the prices, and it quickly feels more like design out of reach.
But not today.
Oh, my heart was melting as we went outside and started to admire the Tuuci Razor Shade Platform. Not merely a sunshade for your patio, mind you, this thing is so advanced and sophisticated, it’s an entire platform system with pulleys and levers and battery attachments that will take you places you’ve never been (all true but the last embellishment).
Here’s the actual ad from http://www.dvr.com

Tuuci Razor Shade Platform

If you’ve ever sat under an umbrella for a long period, you know that as the sun moves, the amount of shade changes. This problem motivated designer Dougan Clarke to design his asymmetrical Tuuci Razor Shade Platform (2002). Always tilted, this razor-thin canopy maintains maximum protection from the sun by spinning 360 degrees. Drawing from more than a decade of experience in the marine industry, Clarke knows what stands up to salty, wet environments. An expert in rigging, Clarke employs a racing cam cleat and pulley system to raise and lower the Tuuci. Easy to use and maintenance free, the stainless steel components are easily replaceable and come with a three-year limited warranty. The Razor cannot be installed through an opening in a table. Choose from either a mobile or 30″ stationary stand. As with any umbrella, it’s advisable to keep this product in the base provided and stored in the closed position. DWR is not responsible for events caused by misuse or weather. Made in U.S.A.

Tuuci Razor Shade Platform
Was: $1,350.00 – $1,350.00USD

Tuuci Shade Platform Mobile Stand

You’ve got to be kidding me!?!?! $1350 for a sunbrella?

Not today!

Take a look at the new addition to my backyard and eat your heart out!

So these two wonderful men from DVR, sales associates, stepped outside and said that all of the umbrellas against the back wall were defective or damaged in some way and were only $99 a piece. I selected my favorite one, on the far right, they pulled it out, and of course they said there was absolutely nothing wrong with it, that one was $450. Dammit!

Then they pulled out my second favorite one, and opened it, and it looked almost as good as the first. But there was a slight bend in one of the corners (easy enough to bend right back) and some dirt on the sail (can you say “Resolve?”)…the two looked each other in the eye, looked at us, there was this tension, a pregnant pause you could say, as we awaited the jury’s verdict….$99 it is! Sold!
There was pure elation between the two of us, and the other two gave us a knowing wink (like they were the wizards who could pull it all off and make a miracle happen).

And just like that, I’m so happy today.
Oh yes, for those who pay attention to such things, the official Tuuci stand was not part of the deal. But I already had a stand to put it in and they wanted $500 for the Tuuci stand. I think it’s the best $99 I ever spent.

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