Happy Birthday to Me

What can you say when it’s your own birthday?

I don’t look a day over 29 to me, right?

Yes, it’s my birthday and most importantly, I’m happy to be on this planet for another rotation around the sun.  We should be happy on our birthdays.

I’ve known of some who have shaved off a year or two here or there along the way.  And I don’t get it.

To me, it’s just a number.  It’s mostly your attitude that defines how old or young you seem to others.

I’d like to think that I have the attitude of a 30-year-old.

But some parts of my body don’t seem to agree.

When I was a young punk trying to break into broadcasting, I often heard:  “You’re good, but you’ve got such a young looking face.  That’s going to work against you for a while.”

You can’t win in this world.  When you’re young and look young but you’re talented, they hold it against you for a while — like, “yeah, let’s see what this kid can really do (stupid, obnoxious 19-year-old, who does he think he is?  So what if you go to Mizzou!)”

Funny thing about birthdays — the more you have, the less you hear of that.  I will admit, it’s been a while since I’ve been carded.  I mean, not even in the grocery store aisle in a town where they aren’t used to seeing me on TV everyday.  And please stop calling me sir!

The good thing about looking young when you’re young, is that when you get older, as long as you’ve been taking care of yourself (for the most part), you look younger than you really are.  This I have noticed especially over the past five years or so as people never guess my age correctly.  (Do I have to spell this out for you?  They usually guess LOWER…right?)

Yes, I’m in Palm Springs on my b-day.  Of course, there’s lots of sunshine.  And it’s hot!  Going up to 105-degrees today.

What better place on earth for an 82-year-old to be celebrating his birthday.

And I think I’m looking pretty good for my age.

OK — for real, can you guess it?  Leave your guess here.  Thanks for checking out my new website and blog.  Please add your comments below and email me with suggestions, questions, things you want to know, and I will answer as many as I can here and may even use a quote from you if that’s ok.  My email address is:  krroy7@yahoo.com

And I am so grateful to all the kind people who’ve taken the time to wish me a happy birthday on my Facebook page.  My phone doesn’t stop buzzing from all the announcements.  Makes all those birthdays from before about two years ago seem boring now.  All this buzzing is making me blush!

Oh and one more thing — the video above is of my chocolate lab, Lindsay, finally getting over her phobia of swimming in the pool.  She never had a problem with Lake Michigan.  But getting her to jump in the pool here was nearly impossible.  Turns out lots of yummy treats will do it.